Is pyjama dressing back?

Forget what went on the plane with Ms.Moss last week, I’m more interest in what she was wearing on her holliers. Always ahead of the pack, it seems she’s reigniting fashion’s love affair with pyjama dressing. Plus it’s sticking around for autumn/winter with cozy-chic printed separates ruling the catwalks at Derek Lam, Rag & Bone and Michael Kors. 

Certainly not a novel concept, pyjamas-out -of the-boudoir have been knocking around since 2012 and you’ve probably ignored it. Yes, I know,  the notion of wearing your jimjams with anything but a cosy bathrobe does seem ludicrous but welcome to the weird and wonderful world of fashion. 

The sure fire way of making this chic not chav? Go for printed or patterned silk trousers and button down tops. No two year old cotton pjs need apply. Accessorize right and apply plenty of swagger. Scroll down for some style inspo on how to wear the silky sets.




ce34cc40-2326-4ba9-8894-867598e72655-1052x2040 hbz-mfw-ss2015-street-style-day2-03-lg 


Head-to-toe pajama dressing can be really intimating, but cute separates can work really well. For instance a pajama-style top with jeans or a silk trouser with a t-shirt like me in the pic above. It’s a more subtle take on wearing your Jim-jams out of your house. 


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