Sweater Dressing

Ok so a jumper might not be what fashion dreams are made of but we all need some practicality in our lives, right? With this cold, chilly weather just keep on biting, I’m seem to be reaching for those cosy choices every day, and what’s more cosy than a jumper? Boring? Perhaps but to have a realistic, fulfilling and wearable wardrobe, basics should take up 70% of it and trend items the remaining 30% – so my go-to basic winter item? The little grey jumper – more versatile than black and tons cooler. See below for some basic but not boring grey jumper inspo.

5adc2412319d286abb50c27606d70261 9e983496437f6d27195e31151a0aabca Julia Sarr-Jamois at Chloe d9c71f8b30e742075b5792262b5515fa





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