Style Trenches

I know it’s supposed to be a “classic” item in every women’s ‘drobe (or so they say) but I never warmed to the trench. Even though my wardrobe is bursting full of coats, not once has a trench darkened it’s doors. It really is a transitional outerwear no brainer though, especially in a rainy Ireland, so after some style inspiration of the below ladies, I may invest in a trench.

Do you rate the trench? Would you classic beige or prefer the printed variety?

Pic from La Modella Mafia


7 thoughts on “Style Trenches

  1. I too was never a huge fan of the typical trench coat but I really warmed to them when I saw Emma Watson showcasing her leather and studded Burberry pieces ( I’ve been looking for something similar since – I guess brand ambassadors really do work! 🙂


      • I recently bought a shortened typical trench from the high street. It’s perfect for the Irish ‘summer’ and is still flattering when one’s derriere is not as small as Karlie Kloss’. I totally agree, the Burberry Prorsum trenches of Spring last year were my favourite – might get crafty with my new purchase and add a stud or two!


      • I guess that’s what put me off is the length and also I feel like they’re oversized and I don’t need to be adding anymore bulk, you defo should get crafty!


      • Me either, I’m quite short too so instead of elongating me, the original design just swallowed the little height I have. I’ll send a photograph in your direction when it’s finished! 🙂


  2. Funny, I was going to say the same thing, I love a classic trench but I would like to take it to the next level this season, spikes and studs would be awesome! I also have a black one and a red one, for when I feel creative 🙂
    But there is also the trench with the leather sleeves, I think that can look very cool. What do you think about that?


    • Studs, spikes etc I’m all over for outerwear. I think it’s really important to make a statement in winter as it’s the first thing you see. I do love a good hybrid coat as well – I like the contrast between the leather sleeves and the beige! Nice .


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