The New Classics

New Year, New Wardrobe so what are the New Classics? We’ve all heard about staple wardrobe items, anyone remotely interested in fashion can list what every woman “should” have;  a white shirt, black blazer, little black dress. But as we enter 2012 there are has to be some more fashion pieces that can be added to the list, fashion trends that are here to stay. Modern classics if you will.

If you catch the January issue of STELLAR magazine I explored some of these new classics. But i want to know what are your go-to pieces in your wardrobe? What are your wardrobe staples? What items of clothing make sure you’re always stylishly dressed?

Here are some items I pull out of my wardrobe the most, my wardrobe classics.

1. Leather Biker Jacket

2. Striped Tee


3. Leather Trousers


4. Converse


5. Denim Shirt

Source: via Tabbitha on Pinterest


6. Grey Sweatshirt


7. Chunky Gold Jewellery – necklace and watch!


8. Parka


9. Anything Leopard


10. A Sequin Jacket


11. Floral shirt


12. Studded Flats

Source: via Jill on Pinterest


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