I loved Angela Scanlon’s post about pointed shoes. Read it here. But it also made me sad as I fell in love with these Zara beauties last spring and never snapped them up..Image

Then they kept popping up all over style blogs and my obsession and jealously deepened. I need those shoes!! The search for the perfect pair of courts was on. Until today when Mr.Postman delivered this bad boys from Asos. Super comfy with the perfect size heel (what can I say? I crap with high heels) Daytime dressing got a whole lot better. Image

Source: via Steph on Pinterest

Pic from The Chicks Got Style

Source: via Christa on Pinterest

Pic from Style By Kling


One thought on “Courting

  1. Me too!! I decided I couldn’t be spending any more money and passed on the opportunity to buy the Zara shoes. I totally regret it. I scoured eBay for them but they were north of a hundred quid and not in my size! Total balls. That’ll learn me!


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